You should start on the office….

After we got back from our Disneyland trip, Heather suggested that I use my extra time off from work to start remodeling our office and laundry room.  Our house was built in the late 80’s and the office and laundry still has what is probably the original carpet.  It’s that low, high traffic, office type carpet and it’s in pretty rough shape.  We bought a bunch of tile at Costco a couple years ago for this project and I’ve been dreading it.  Worst part is no washer and dryer for a while, oh, and the carpet is glued down… What?!

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Kossel 2500 3D printer build

Why has it taken me so long to decide to build a 3d printer? Better late than never I guess… Time to get started!

After some research, I decided to build a delta printer based on the Kossel design. We use a lot of delta robots at work in packaging an they are very fascinating to watch. Whats a delta robot?

I’ve been trolling the Google delta printers group for information. A user on the group builds and sells carbon fiber arms with magnetic joints and I decided to purchase a set from him rather than try to build them myself. The length of the arms, particularly the consistency in length is very important to the geometry for print quality and accuracy, so I figured I shouldn’t skimp on this part. I ordered the arms on Monday and received them on Friday. Lighting fast shipping from Hawaii, awesome!


The arms are labeled with their length and are all within .01 mm.

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Here we go!

0311162223~2Time for a much needed vacation, so we are off to Disneyland! We are all packed up into the mothership and we are almost to Las Vegas. Road trips are always a good time and there’s never a dull moment with this bunch.  I’m writing from the car so I’ll have to finish this later…

0312161651 We drove to Vegas the first night and stayed at the Westgate casino.  The next day we drove to our hotel in Anaheim and spent the rest of the day at Newport beach.  The water was icy cold but that didn’t stop Britta and Milo from swimming.  The rest of us didn’t get in deeper than our knees.  We ate our traditional donuts from Seaside Bakery and went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Newport Center.



We stayed at the Stanford Inn and Suites on Harbor in Anaheim.  It was a little older but was very clean and spacious, with two bathrooms, two queen beds and a set of bunk beds for the boys.  The hotel was about a mile from Disneyland and we walked to the park a few times and took the ART bus the rest of the time.  We got three day park hopper passes which was plenty of time at the parks.



Did I mention that Britta is scared of roller coasters?  Here we are getting ready to ride HyperSpace Mountain.  She rode it like a champ.

For us, Disneyland is all about the food!  Actually, everything is all about the food…  We had all the traditional treats – smoked turkey legs, chimichangas, Monte Cristos, gumbo, cream cheese and jalapeno pretzels,  corn on the cob, Mac N Cheese cones, etc.  We also tried the very delicious lobster nachos for the first time, yum!  We had breakfast at the Carnation Cafe and tasty miscellaneous treats from the Jolly Holiday Bakery.  It was a good thing that we averaged close to ten miles a day walking…

First day at the Disney gate! …and some dude in the background.



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Raspberry Pi webserver


Yes, this website is was running on a $35 Raspberry Pi!  A Pi is a small (a little bigger than a credit card), single board computer that runs Linux.  I had an extra Pi and thought that this would be a good use for it.

Update – I ran the site for about 6 months or so on the Pi.  I would have to reboot it or restart apache about once a week.  I needed the Pi for another project so I moved the site to another computer.

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