You should start on the office….

After we got back from our Disneyland trip, Heather suggested that I use my extra time off from work to start remodeling our office and laundry room.  Our house was built in the late 80’s and the office and laundry still has what is probably the original carpet.  It’s that low, high traffic, office type carpet and it’s in pretty rough shape.  We bought a bunch of tile at Costco a couple years ago for this project and I’ve been dreading it.  Worst part is no washer and dryer for a while, oh, and the carpet is glued down… What?!

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.  We’ve planned on a remodel since we moved in so the office has been more of a storage room and other than myself, no one else uses it.   It’s a good sized office 12’x12′ so it will be nice once it’s finished.  The laundry room is 9’x12′.  Yay, 250 square feet of tile!  I hate tiling.

So, all that crap has to go somewhere while we remodel.  Most of it ended up in the family room.  This was fine for a little while, but now it is two weeks later and the mess has been driving us crazy.  Our washer and dryer is on the back porch.  The whole place looks like a refugee camp.

I had to cut the carpet into 10 inch wide strips to pull it up because it was SO glued down.  Every last inch…



After ripping up all the carpet, I was left with this mess:


Researching on the internet told me that you can’t tile over this crap. The glue will dissolve and weaken the thinset.  I bought a long handled razor scraper and gave it a go.  Nothing.  Wouldn’t touch the stuff.  I found some carpet adhesive remover at Home Depot but changed my mind on that after more internet research indicated that it may absorb into the cement and cause problems.  The container even said to rinse several times to make sure nothing is left behind.  I returned the adhesive remover and rented a floor machine and a diamond toothed stripping attachment.  This is the way to go.  Controlling one of these things takes some getting used to, but like most machines that cause destruction it’s actually fun once you get the hang of it. It is so messy though, dust everywhere!  If you ever do this, get dust masks!



Let the tiling begin…  It’s been slow going.  I lay about three rows each evening after work if I have time.  I finally finished laying the last of it at 1:30 am last night.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m excited.

0402161028 0402161028a

Update –

Getting close to being finished with this project.  Finally finished the tile.  I still hate tiling.  We installed new baseboard and door casing from Columbia Millworks in Lindon (Vineyard?).  That place is great, they have 5″x1/2″ plain square base and matching case in stock.  Looked all over for this baseboard for a project on our old house to no avail.  Lowes has 4″ for something like $1.25 per foot.  Columbia was only around 80 cents per foot.

0409161232b 0409161807

Finally got the washer and dryer back in the laundry room.  We were getting quite sick of going to my moms house to do laundry…


These cabinets were in the laundry room and we moved them into the office above my desk because I have lots of junk that Heather is sick of looking at on the open shelves that were there before.  She painted them in the same white as the walls in semi gloss, same as the trim.


Finally, my desk is back in!  Painted it navy blue.


Still a work in progress, we way underestimated how long this was going to take.  Typical for us…  New sink and faucet from Amazon and butcher block countertops and cabinets from Ikea.  Still need to add a rod next to the upper cabinet, some open shelves above the sink, build a new cabinet oposite of the washer and dryer with counter top for Heather’s laundry baskets.


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